ATTENTION: Coaches With A Business That Struggle to Get Leads and Make Sales...
ATTENTION: Ethical Entrepreneurs With A Business Aimed To Make The World A Better Place...
Do You Wanna Make More, So You Can Give More?
Do You Want to Earn More, So You Can Do More?
"If So... I Will Personally Work With You 1 on 1 Acting As Your CMO For The Next 12 Months, Helping Your Business Become Fun, Impactful And Wildly Profitable!" 
"If This is the Case... I Will Personally Work With You 1-On-1 and Coach You For The Next 12 Months, And Help Your Business to Become Impactful And Profitable at the Same Time!"
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One And Help you Get Leads and Sales, so You Can Start Making 10K Months And Beyond.

"Yohan Helped Us Hit 
$100K in Sales!"

His coaching strategy has been critical to our growth. He completely re-engineered our funnel and our conversion rates jumped to more than 17%.
-Alistair DuPont
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One And Basically Be Your Virtual "Chief Marketing Officer" On Your Journey To 7-Figures And Beyond.
Only A Handful Of Spots Remain...

"Akbar Helped Us Hit 
7-Figures Online"

And he's is not only an amazing mentor and coach, but he's also a really good friend of mine.
- Brian Page
" I Want You To Earn More To Do More and Serve More People in The World." - Yohan Wong
The Closest Thing To "FREE Money" That You'll Ever See!
This is Like "Printing Money on Demand" Ethically! 
And Why This Is The ONLY Coaching Program You'll Ever Need To Hit 10K Months Fast.
What You Can Expect Inside:
 Will help get narrative, message and storytelling to highest of quality (you'll have the best copy of your life...)
 You will have Unlimited Rolodex access to my top contacts (we're very well connected)
 Guidance on penetrating the 
online market organically (how we recently did 7 figures with this method)
 Will help map out value ladder (upsells/downsells/cross-sells)
 Free access to my 7 figure 
 Swipe files/funnel templates 
 Networking with all our 
phenomenal, and giving members (we have leaders in all different industries)
 Free entry and Recordings to all my live events
 A One-Hour computer screen 
share to create a blue print on how we will achieve your goals this year and then the unlimited walkie talkie access with me to help implement those plans (I am your new CMO 🙂
Here's The Best Part:
We're very proud to offer something nobody else does: 
 Because we're a for-purpose company we will not leave you until you've seen a positive ROI. 
The Closest Thing To "FREE Money" That You'll Ever See!
What To Expect Inside The Coaching Program:
 I'll help you with your story and message. (you'll have the best story of your life that you can use to get your leads and customers...)
 I'll give you guidance with your marketing and how you can improve your offer so you can make more
 I'll help you create an ascension ladder which we'll be using later in your funnel with upsells! 
 I'll get you a funnel template that you can customize for your needs
 A one-on-one screen share meeting with myself and coaches to help you craft the blueprint in your business and your goals. The online meeting to help implement those plans 
 Unlimited walkie talkie access with me to help you with your funnel
 High levels of accountability to stick to your marketing plan and commitments. 
The Promise
I'm proud to offer something that no one else does: 
 My mission is to work with you until you've seen hockey-stick growth and a positive ROI.
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Yohan Wong
San Fransisco 

After losing my first business I went to live with my Mom. She wasn't happy with the idea and was reluctant to support a grown man. What a shame. 

I lost my status, friends and money. One of those days, I woke up with anxiety COMPLETELY broke...

I knew I was doing something wrong. I was good with sales but for some reason I FAILED so bad...

I thought to myself I can't be such a loser...
I Was Ready to Give Up this internet thing...
Until one day when I discovered that in sales it's all about being "human". It's all about helping others realize that if they give a farm, they will receive 10x back...

I found that if you are "human" in sales you can achieve amazing results. People buy from real people and if you "just" sell without feeling what it is like to be in your customer's shoes you can never sell a lot of anything!

I started looking at successful funnels and after comparing hundreds of them I analyzed and found WHY THEY SELL so well.

It's about AUDIENCE and THE RIGHT MESSAGE that sells.

I found again and again that the reason why successful marketers SELL BIG is because they have an amazing plan that gets audience and sells the RIGHT MESSAGE. 

I was blown away how much of a difference it made, and how many businesses don't know what their plan  is.

This is what we do all day and this is what we'll do in your business as well.

So now 6-figure question is: (almost literally)

Are you next?
BIG Things Can Happen In Just 6 Months...
Take Your Business To The Next Level
A LOT Can Change In Just 12-Months...
And Why This Will Not Only Transform Your Business But Your LIFE.
Some Of The Things We Can Help You Do:
 Help you reach 7 figures... 
 Become a #1 international best selling author 
 Get featured on major podcasts
 Have Record breaking revenue
 Move into your dream home
 Give your family a better life
 Have a massive impact through charity
 Travel when you want to
 Buy your dream car
 Speak at events around the world
 Get solid press opportunities
 Spend more time with the people you love
 Make your parents proud!!
95% Of Businesses FAIL.

That Means That Only 5% Of Online Businesses Will Survive
Because, They Don't Have:
The Right Audience,
The Right Message,
The Right Guidance,
The Right Market Fit,
The Right Master Plan that will 
give them clarity and results.
This Is *Exactly* What We Help You Do!
The RAW REALITY Is That Only 2% Of Online Businesses Make It To The Next Level And Stay Profitable For A Long Time.

That Means That 98% Of Online Businesses FAIL.
Because They Don't Have Clarity, The Right Messaging & Our Secret Sauce EPOP (Ethical Principles Of Persuasion)

This Is *Exactly* What We Help You Do!
Applications For 2019 Are Opened For A Limited Time Only. Spots Are Filling Up Quickly As We Only Have So Much Time To Personally Work With Each One Of You... Only 20 5 Spots Remaining!
Did I Forget To Mention...
Here's How To Apply For Your Spot:
*Only Apply If You're Truly Want to Make an Impact in The World With Your Work!*

Grew My Agency and Took It to the Next Level!

Thank you so much for your guidance and insights that you have given me in growing my SMM agency. It has helped me to implement the processes I lacked beforehand and now am able to grow and scale at a faster rate. Again, after working with several clients these last few years, your help and expertise has given me the confidence now to take my agency to the next level.
-Bert Szostak
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